Styles of Writing

why "how" it is written matters

A good place to start is identifying how the story is told. Is it told as a humorous or serious story? Does it have a goal or is it aimless? What genre is the story in? Once you can identify at least one way the story is told, then you can follow it up with how the author is doing what is expected or something different entirely.

Also, when talking about writing styles, be as specific as possible. In order to do so, you would need to clearly identify the style with as few words as possible. In fact, one word is usually the best!

Ex. While this story is set during WW2, it is told in a humorous tone by its use of irony and hyperbolic descriptions. The purpose of making a funny story in a serious setting is to…

Ex. The author chooses to tell his story in a dry and humourless way, even though his story has lots of action and drama. This combination actually affects the reader by...

Ex. The writing style of this novel is very whimsical, giving every moment

a sense of being non-stop and driven. The purpose of doing this is to...


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