Showing Objectivity

how to discuss and write about your interpretations with objectivity

How are personal opinions used in English Essays, specifically those about novels and stories? Aren’t our interpretations of stories always just opinions? Why can’t we use personal pronouns like “I” or “Us” when talking about our own interpretations?

These are some of the most common questions students have asked when introducing them to common essay-writing rules and tips. All of their confusion and misunderstandings stem from a root problem of writing in neutral tone on interpretations. After all, how one student understands The Great Gatsby can be entirely different from my own or their teacher’s interpretation. Yet there is most certainly a set way in hinting at one’s personal opinion while still being objective.   

Let’s look at a couple tips in doing that! Click on the following lessons for more details on each tip!

1. Neutral Subjects, not Personal Pronouns!

2. Don’t Discuss What Things “Should” Be or Do

3. Let the Text Speak for You!


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