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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Welcome friendly visitor, curious on-looker, and student in dire need of getting that "A" in English! My name is Carlos and this helpline is a passion project of sorts. Like most folks, I have been affected by the current situation of COVID-19 in Canada. But even though, my life and work has changed, I still feel like there's something I can give back to everyone going through these difficult times.

And so I thought, "Let's use this time for a good cause and help students who are struggling in English!". From my Freshman years in UBC to working now as a English tutor, I have always understood English writing and reading to be a very mechanical subject to learn and improve on. I have seen that once students learn the mechanics and systems of English, then everything becomes easy-to-do and predictable for them.

But most people don't see English like that at all, and that's why this helpline will explain English writing and literature in the most direct and effective manner possible. So, good luck everyone with your English classes and I hope you find the same love and appreciation for literature that I have for so many years!

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