why patterns are so special in English Literature

Patterns are things seen over and over again. They can be specific or general.

If the pattern is specific, definitively identity or name of the pattern. If the pattern is general, then identify that broad category of the pattern and provide examples to support it.

Patterns are useful to talk about because they show what authors appear to be interested in. It doesn't matter if the author is actually interested in these patterns or not. Authors are using these patterns to get their readers to come up with their own conclusions and ideas. Connecting patterns to an argument or point makes the novel much easier to explain to someone else.

Ex: This novel features many fancy dinner parties throughout the story. The repetition of these fancy dinner parties means….

Ex: This author has written his protagonist to be happy in every challenge she faces. This pattern of being positive during difficult times shows...

Ex. There is a noticeable amount of descriptions relating to flowers and nature during key dialogue scenes in this novel. All of these descriptions demonstrate...


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