Basic Paragraphs

how to write basic paragraphs

Paragraphs are 5 sentences or more connected together.

In writing, paragraphs organize and explain ideas. For lengthy writing, separate your main ideas into organized paragraphs.

Remember to indent/space before starting your first sentence. And make sure that all of your sentences go one after another together!

Now, let's break down the process of writing a paragraph step-by-step!

1. Topic Sentence

This is your first sentence in the paragraph. The topic sentence must state the main idea clearly. The best topic sentences are straight to the point. That way, the reader will instantly know what you want to explain or develop in your paragraph.

Always remember that good writing never wants disinterested or confused readers!

2. The First Part

This is your first few sentences written right after the topic sentence. These sentences support the main idea in a chain:

Topic Sentence (TS) -> Sentence A supports TS -> Sentence B supports A -> Sentence C supports B -> etc

In other words, each new sentence supports the sentence written before it.

When done this way, the First Part of the paragraph supports the main idea with multiple explanations that go further and further. As of a result, the reader will be more informed early on!

Ideally, you want to reach a point where you explain the main idea completely and fully within the first few sentences.

3. The Last Part

The Last Part of a paragraph is the last few sentences that go right after the First Part. Once you finished explaining the main idea in depth, the last thing you need to do is to ask yourself:

"Why should my reader care about the First Part?"

The answer to this question should be expanded into a few last sentences for your paragraph. This process is similar to writing the First Part; expand your answer with supportive points and reasons in a chain.

The last sentence must be the concluding sentence, which restates the topic sentence in other words.

When you follow these steps, you will have a complete, functional, and good paragraph!


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