how to write a basic introduction paragraph

What an introduction should be is 2 things:

Thesis + Supporting Points

1. Your thesis should go early in the introduction and before your supporting points.

Remember: Thesis = X + Y by (1), (2), and (3)

2. Supporting points are basically (1), (2), and (3) rephrased as separate sentences. You're not saying anything too new. You're just making it clear what you'll talk about in your Body Paragraph. The first supporting point must always come after the thesis. Likewise, the second comes after the first and so on.

3. The last sentence in an introduction should be the concluding sentence. Here, you just restate the thesis in different words.

For Example:

In Novel, Bob shows compassion by caring for animals. First, Bob tends to nurse injured animals. Second, Bob adopts abandoned animals from the streets. Lastly, Bob rescues abused animals from danger. Bob cares for helpless animals, because he is a compassionate character.


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