Conclusion Paragraph

how to write a basic concluding paragraph

Conclusion is done by rewriting the introduction differently. How do you do this?

Here are some concrete tips:

1. Try to think of your core idea in each sentence from the introduction. Then re-tell that idea in a way different from the introduction.

2. Change the order of words in the original sentences.

3. Replace important subjects from the original sentences with synonyms.

4. Replace the nouns and verbs from the original sentences with other words that are similar.  

5. Remove unimportant words from the original sentences.

The conclusion should relatively have the same information from the introduction.

For Example (check Introduction Page for differences):

Bob is a character who displays compassion for others in Novel. He does this by caring for injured animals. In addition, he is compassionate enough to adopt stray animals. Finally, Bob saves animals from danger and abuse. From those actions, readers can tell that Bob is compassionate towards others.


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