Body Paragraphs

how to write basic body paragraphs

2. Body Paragraphs

  • Basic body paragraphs should do at least the following:

2.1. Tell its main point

2.2. Give an example

2.3. Explain the example

2.4. Connect example and main point

2.1 Main point: the main idea of the paragraph, found in the topic sentence. Remember, the supporting points in the Introduction Paragraph can be used as the main ideas of the Body Paragraph.

2.2. Example: is any moment in the source material that shows the main point. These need to be as specific as possible!

2.3 Explain the example:  Explain why the author is using the example.

2.4 Connect main idea and example: Explain how the example proves the main idea correct. You can do this by discussing why the main point matters. A very easy way to do this is to say "the example is also an example of the topic and proves the thesis correct". You are tying the main idea to the example.

A note: I see a lot of students struggle here. They repeat events and things that happen in the source material over and over again. That's NOT connecting the main idea to an example. To connect an idea to an example, you need to explain how to the example proves the main point!

For Example:

In the Novel, Bob tends to nurses injured animals back to health. For example, in the story's beginning Bob finds a baby bird with a broken wing. Bob takes the bird back home with him and fixes its wing on his own. This scene shows how much Bob cares about injured animals, which he continues to do so in other parts of the story. The reason why Bob repeatedly helps injured animals is because he wants to save lives. Through continuously saving lives, Bob is showing compassion towards animals in need of medical care.


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