Good Basic Sentences

how to write basic but functional sentences

Good Basic Sentences (GBS) are useful for people learning to write English for the first time.

GBS = Subject + Verb + Details + Reason

Reminder: Subject is the noun that is doing or being something. Verb is the action that is being done.

1. You may have seen a sentence formula of “Subject + Verb” before.

They appear as sentences such as:

“The cat jumped”.

2. Let's add some some details.

Details are little bits of information that helps describe the situation.

Details to add could be…

  • Objects

  • Adjectives

  • Adverbs

  • Additional actions

We do not need too much detail or else it becomes a run-on sentence, but some extra information never hurts.

Ex. “The cat jumped onto the roof”.

Following along so far?

Let's go back to the formula for a GBS for a second.

GBS = Subject + Verb + Details + Reason

3. The last useful bit to add onto your sentences is a reason. Reasons explain why the action is happening.

Ex. “The cat jumped onto the roof.  She was scared of the dog”.

The first sentence is a normal sentence. The second one explains the first sentence.

But a GBS combines the two sentences with a word like "because".

Ex. “The cat jumped onto the roof, because she was scared of the dog”.

Now this sentence is a stronger one than the original statement, “The cat jumped”.

It is important to use GBS when writing. GBS = better writing and therefore, better results.


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