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what authors use that most do not notice

Literature concepts, like theme and symbols, can be difficult for beginners to find. Especially true, if they are not used to thinking of those abstract themes day-by-day.

So let’s be more specific in how to start good discussion on novels with explaining an author's set of special tools: 

1. Patterns

Click here for info on Patterns

2. Side Characters

Click here for info on Side Characters

3. Settings and Places 

Click here for info on Settings and Places

4. Non-humans

Click here for info on Non-humans

5. Styles of Writing

Click here for info on Styles of Writing

These are just a few suggestions on where to start in a novel study discussion. Typically the first things said will lead to more ideas and points in other aspects of the novel. A good English writer will follow up on those ideas and see where they end up in. 


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