Why I Created the Helpline

My Story

Remember a time in English class when you were assigned a confusing and boring novel? Or when you got back your essay, and your teacher thought it was too short?

I first saw these problems from other university students while studying for my English Literature degree at the University of British Columbia. Later on, as an English tutor, my own students bring up these same problems and others like it a lot.

On top of those issues, recent times have been tough and challenging for everyone. It really saddens me to hear about students struggling with school due to new obstacles. This is why I want to do my part to help.

With my degree, experience, expertise, and passion in English Literature and Writing, I made this helpline to make English as simple as possible. I want to change people's minds that English Literature is all just a guessing game, when the opposite is actually true!

So let me show you how!

-- Carlos

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