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Who am I?

Hi there friend, welcome to the English Writing Helpline! My name is Carlos and I am an English Literature graduate, working now as a English Tutor for a private company.

Ever since high school, I've been super passionate about reading and writing English! You ever know someone who goes through books really quick and talks about them non-stop? Well, that's exactly who I was and still am!

But even though I always thought English reading and writing as a very mechanical subject, I encounter many students who dread going through a few pages of a novel or think essay marks are always a guessing game. So, now I want to help show everyone how to make their English classes more predictable and easier to do well in!

If you are interested in the exact same thing, then check out above for the Helpline Form or basic lessons needed for any English class. Also check out below for my blog where I give quick thoughts on things education-wise and English literature.

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